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Emergency funds are available for feed, fuel, supplies, etc.

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Fleet of Angels has established a fund for the equines most affected by Putin's war in Ukraine. Funds are being distributed to horse owners whose horses are trapped in the most dangerous areas of Ukraine to help them provide feed and care for their horses during a  time.  Fleet of Angels emergency grants are to be considered as 'triage grants' meant to help sustain horses in crisis while long-term solutions are found by owners. Additional funds may be provided depending upon the situation and the availability of funds when a second grant is requested.

IMPORTANT: Horse owners in western Ukraine may have access to feed and supplies that are being taken into that area by other relief organizations.  To help insure that everyone possible receives assistance, owners who are in the most dangerous areas and least accessible from NATO borders to receive other supply deliveries will be given first consideration for Fleet of Angels relief funds.  


  • Applicants are invited to fill out the form below to provide the information needed for FOA's grant manager to review.

  •  BE SURE TO INCLUDE ALL INFORMATION NEEDED FOR A BANK WIRE TRANSFER. If your information is not correct, we cannot send you funds.  NOTE: PayPal is now available in Ukraine for receiving and sending funds.  This is the fastest way to receive funds and is done at no cost. 

  • When a request is approved, funds will be sent by international bank wire or PayPal. No other funds transfer platforms can be used.

  •  Grant recipients may use the funds to provide feed for horses that are in Ukraine and cannot yet be evacuated.  Some horse owners who have successfully evacuated to a NATO country may also qualify for funding assistance with feed or quarantine expenses, depending on the circumstances.

  •  Applications will be reviewed and applicants will be notified about whether your request has been accepted as quickly as possible.  Most applications are approved. 

  • If temporary housing for you and/or your horse is needed, we may be able to help you connect with organizations offering options.

  • Please apply only if your need is legitimate and serious.  We want to help everyone possible who needs assistance, and since our funds are limited, they must go only to those in serious financial distress. 


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Вибачте, але через велику кількість запитів на допомогу, які ми отримали, сьогодні ми не можемо приймати нові заявки. Перевіряйте щодня. -Флот Ангелів

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IMPORTANT: If you have applied, but have not sent the required photos*, send them to ASAP.  Applications are not reviewed until photos have been received.

ВАЖЛИВО: якщо ви подали заявку, але не надіслали необхідні фотографії*, надішліть їх на адресу якомога швидше. Заявки не розглядаються до отримання фотографій.

When you request funds, we must receive:

1.  At least one photo of you with your horse
2.  Other photos of the horse
3.  At least one photo  of the facility  where the horse is currently living
4. Photos of passport page showing your horse's markings.  If you don't have a passport for your horse, you may send a photo of yourself holding your drivers license or federal photo  ID up by your face.  We must be able to read the license and see that the photo is of you. 

These steps are necessary to prevent fraudulent applications that could result in funds going to people who don't qualify for our assistance.  Funds will not be sent to applicants who fail to complete their application by providing these photos

Photos should be be emailed to


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We hope we can help.  We will be in touch with you as soon as possible to let you know if your request has been approved and funds can be sent.  Please let us know as soon as possible if your situation or location changes in any way.  PLEASE STAY SAFE! 

Do you know what to do if someone near you is injured in an attack?  Watch this very useful medical video. It may help you save lives - even your own.  Also, please share the link on your pages.

The best ways to  communicate with us right now is to use Facebook messaging to connect with our Director, Elaine Nash, who can answer questions and will help in any way possible.  Emailing is another option.

Fleet of Angels is a one-of-a-kind nonprofit disaster relief organization just for equines that helps horses, mules, donkeys, ponies, and minis in crisis, primarily in the USA.  Established as a member-based network in 2011, FOA became a nonprofit foundation in 2013.  Fleet of Angels has received numerous awards and accolades for providing emergency assistance and/or funds for over 25,000 horses, providing emergency hay, vet care, foster care, transportation, and repair materials after natural disasters like hurricanes, fires, floods, and other major emergencies to keep equine victims safe and in good care during temporary crisis situations.  


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Fleet of Angels is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization.
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All profits go toward helping horses trapped in Ukraine.